What is suicidal ideation?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people thinking about suicide give a sign? At Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health in New Braunfels, Texas, Lydia Kimeli-Pope, MSN-PMHNP, is dedicated to helping people with suicidal ideation, providing medical and psychological support to help them overcome the reason they want to die and find a positive path to follow in life.

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Suicidal ideation means thinking about killing yourself.
But suicidal ideation includes several risk levels:

At each step, someone with suicidal ideation has a higher risk of going through with their plan.

What causes suicidal ideation?

Mental health conditions, especially depression and substance abuse, are the top causes of suicidal ideation. People diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) are 20 times more likely than people who aren’t depressed to think about suicide.
An estimated two-thirds of people who kill themselves are diagnosed with depression. You’re also six times more likely to kill yourself if you have a substance use disorder.

What are the warning signs of suicidal ideation?

People thinking about suicide often reveal telltale signs. A few examples include:
If someone talks about wanting to die, you should always take them seriously and try to help.

How can I help someone with suicidal ideation?

When you see signs in a friend or family member, the best thing you can do is talk with them. Be direct and ask them about their thoughts. It’s also vital to learn if they have a plan.

You can encourage them to

the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number. They will immediately connect with a person trained to help.

If they’re a veteran, they can call the

If it’s an emergency and you’re with someone who’s about to kill themself,

How is suicidal ideation treated?

Your Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health provider assesses your mental health and suicidal thoughts to determine the best treatment. They may prescribe medication, begin your treatment with therapy, or recommend both simultaneously.

Don’t wait to seek help for suicidal ideation. Call Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health or connect online to request an appointment.



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