What is anxiety?

Anxiety is well-known as a challenge faced by 31% of teens and adults, but would you be surprised to learn that anxiety disorders are also diagnosed in 9% of children? At Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health in New Braunfels, Texas, board-certified psychiatric-nurse practitioner Lydia Kimeli-Pope, MSN-PMHNP, helps everyone overcome anxiety. If you need caring support and treatment for anxiety, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health or book an appointment online today. Normal anxiety is a natural response to a stressful or dangerous situation. This anxiety serves a purpose: It energizes you to meet a dreaded task. After you deal with the situation, your anxiety disappears. You may also experience anxiety that never seems to go away and feels overwhelming, even making you change your activities to avoid the dread. Or your anxiety may appear even when you don’t face a challenging situation. These are all signs of a possible anxiety disorder.

Are there different types of anxiety?

You can develop one or more of the eight primary anxiety disorders. The five most common include:
This disorder causes frequent panic attacks that suddenly occur without an obvious anxiety trigger.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Each anxiety disorder has unique symptoms, but all may cause symptoms such as:

How is anxiety treated?

The Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health team begins by learning about your anxiety and completing a psychiatric assessment. Then they create a treatment plan that may include medication, therapy, or a combination.

Your provider may prescribe anti-anxiety medications to reduce severe symptoms or prevent panic attacks. Antidepressants also calm anxiety even if you’re not depressed.

Many people with anxiety improve with therapy. One proven approach, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), may teach you to identify and change thoughts that trigger anxiety or help confront your fears.

Don’t wait to seek help for overwhelming anxiety. Call Intuitive Mind Behavioral Health or book online today.



Anxiety is well-known as a challenge faced by 31% of teens and adults, but would you be surprised to learn that anxiety disorders


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